Brain Bite #17

Posted by Rob on 5th November 2015 in Brain Bites, Writing |

Well, it’s been a while since the last one — I’ve been busy. Work here, writing there, and a schedule that I let run rampant. More recently, I’ve gotten a handle on that, and the necessity of days off (which I had begun to neglect — but a month without any days off will really […]

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Brain Bite #16

Posted by Rob on 22nd September 2015 in Brain Bites |

Well, the things they are a-happenin’. Or at least, some of ’em anyway. So I figured it’s time to get another one of these thrown together, and book-end it with some suitably heavy music (which, I admit, may not be to everyone’s taste, my wife included). We’ll start with: 10 Masked Men: Stayin’ Alive I’m […]

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Brain Bite #15

Posted by Rob on 6th August 2015 in Brain Bites |

A lot of things going on at once means I’ve been struggling to write much of anything over the last few weeks, blog posts or otherwise. However, I’m taking a break at the end of my day to throw out some things, mixing everything together into a happy little Brain Bite. And naturally, to start […]

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Brain Bite #14

Posted by Rob on 30th June 2015 in Brain Bites |

Let’s get to it, then, with something a little more unusual for the music… Smooth McGroove – The Man With The Machine Gun Smooth McGroove has been a YouTube hit, recording entirely a-capella versions of videogame music. This one’s from a game I like called Final Fantasy 8, and is battle music that happens during […]

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Brain Bite #13

Posted by Rob on 19th June 2015 in Brain Bites |

So, what say ye to some music? Halo, by Depeche Mode I really like Depeche Mode, and while their more recent albums haven’t quite done it for me (aside from a song or two here and there), I’m still very fond of their earlier work, and this is probably my favourite song of the bunch. […]

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Brain Bite #12

Posted by Rob on 7th June 2015 in Brain Bites |

As is always done, let it begin with some music! Flying High, by Samael Samael in full swing are a heavy metal band from Switzerland, one that experiments with adding a lot of more unusual and varied elements into their music — and some of their broader experimentation was showcased when the band’s founding members […]

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Brain Bite #11

Posted by Rob on 4th May 2015 in Brain Bites |

It’s been a while! But let me begin with a bit of music… John Williams: Asturias I remember John Williams being played in the house as a kid, along with a few other bits and pieces that stick in the memory, but I’ve only quite recently gotten into listening to his stuff myself. And what […]

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Brain Bite #10

Posted by Rob on 15th February 2015 in Brain Bites, Reading |

As always, we’ll start with a little music. This time, something off the wall… Psychostick: The Root of All Evil I like Psychostick, though like some of the other music I listen to — in fact, quite a lot of it — not everyone I know agrees with me. Still, it makes me laugh, and […]

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Brain Bite #9

Posted by Rob on 27th January 2015 in Brain Bites |

There’s always time to post some nonsense! Rammstein – Tier One of their earlier songs, added here because I love Rammstein, my friend loves Rammstein, even my Dad loves Rammstein. Honestly, you just can’t go wrong with a bit of Rammstein.   And let us move forwards, now.   Sickness Argh! It is never ending! […]

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Brain Bite #8

Posted by Rob on 8th January 2015 in Brain Bites |

I’m tired from work, stress, sickness, and general everything. I’m writing on and off, though, so it has survived the Christmas bridge (which it doesn’t always), and I’m working on a story I really like. However — Devin Townsend – Universe In A Ball! Because I haven’t Devined in a while. Let’s get to it. […]

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