Brain Bite #14

Posted by Rob on 30th June 2015 in Brain Bites |

Let’s get to it, then, with something a little more unusual for the music…

Smooth McGroove – The Man With The Machine Gun
Smooth McGroove has been a YouTube hit, recording entirely a-capella versions of videogame music. This one’s from a game I like called Final Fantasy 8, and is battle music that happens during a side story arc. His cat appears in most or all of his videos, and he does a surprisingly good job of replicating the original music, recording the tunes channel for channel. He transposes up or down octaves for the notes he can’t hit, of course, but it’s all sung, and it works pretty damn well, or I think so anyway. He’s actually a drummer, not a singer, but he’s acquired quite a YouTube following for these numbers.

And so, what else?

Short Contests
There was a short writing competition this weekend. You get 24 hours, they give you the starting and ending sentence, and you do what you can. Unfortunately, I had to work around actual work for it, so in the end my 24 hours were reduced to about 2. Still, it was fun in its way, if a little weird.

Forest Fires
After some injuries but no deaths, and just one home burned thanks to a fortuitous (and, doubtless, assisted) path around civilisation, the gathered fire crews of the county, state and nation appear to have the fire under control now. We had a patch of rain, which seemed to help, and — though nothing’s ever guaranteed with fire, of course — they have it at sixty percent contained, and if history’s any guide, that usually means they’ll continue to press the fire back from this point. Good news for them and everyone else!

Bugs and bugs and bugs and argh.
Sometimes, I don’t enjoy my job much. Fortunately, at the time of writing this, I’m now BEYOND the bugs-and-bugs-and-argh stage, and dealing with polishing, refining and getting everything to play nicely within itself. (As a side note, I’m often struck by the fact that I’ve been working as a professional programmer now for some fifteen years, there are still aspects of programming that my Dad understands better than I do.)

And women’s football…
Because, frankly, they seem to be doing better than the men, and also seem altogether more humble (though proud) about what they’re doing than the men have ever done in my memory. Maybe this is the direction all sports should go in.

And, to finish, another tune!
Because I felt like two today — and why not? This one’s “AirMech”, by Frontline Assembly — it’s another electronic project, but a little different. It has something of the feel of movie scoring to it, or it strikes me as such anyway.

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  • Cloth Ears says:

    I’m a bit late seeing this. Just seen a link on google+ – which I hardly ever check. Love the a capella , but how well behaved is that cat? Catch any of ours letting themselves be held up like that!

    • Rob says:

      It does definitely depend on the cat! Of our two, one would probably be willing — for a little while, at least — while the other would just fight you every step of the way. I’d probably just stick her on my shoulders instead, she usually likes that.

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