Beat the Heat – Don’t Eat!

Posted by Rob on 5th June 2015 in Food and Drink, Health and Fitness |

Just a quick note today. My wife and I are trying out a thing called alternate-day fasting — something that science is suggesting may be tremendously good for people. Skirting past the plethora of potential health benefits for now, there are a few other reasons we’ve been finding we like it. It’s easier than you would expect, for one. It’s really cheap. And it requires next to no careful planning (beyond trying not to eat total junk all the time, which is just a good rule of thumb regardless).

And recently, we’ve noticed, it keeps you cool.

And because we run cooler now, as the hot weather sweeps in, we’re finding it much easier to live with than we did last year. It’s a rather pleasant side effect — though it remains to be seen how fond we’ll be of it after the summer has ended…

P.S. – eat those eggs!
While I’m throwing out a health type post, here’s a link for the curious. Cholesterol may actually be good for you, saturated fat can’t be linked to risk of death, and the data that made people think otherwise was deliberately fiddled.

The Times UK: Cholesterol is OK now


  • The Ould Git says:

    There’s been a lot of positive news over the past coupla years concerning the ‘5-2’ diet, which is, is guess, pretty close to the one you describe. It basically runs ‘Eat a normal diet for five days, and eat no more than 600 kCal for 2 days, best to mix them fairly evenly.’ — the cooling side-effect sounds interesting, ‘cos Mumsie suffers from the heat something rotten, especially at night.

    • Rob says:

      Yeah, it’s been a pleasant change! And even places that say fasting is rough for you sometimes still comment that alternate-day fasting seems to be effective. I think the 5-2 is similar to what we do, but because we’re on alternate days instead, we’re on 3.5-3.5, I suppose…

  • The Ould Git says:

    Aye – the 5-2 diet was championed over here by Dr Michael Moseley, a GP-turned health journalist and all-round nice chap, who actually tested it on himself in a TV series a year or so ago, and gave a running commentary on how he coped, and even had his weight, metabolism, etc. monitored by a University as he went on. He’s also done other checks on ‘fat’ diets, ‘protein’ diets, and other faddy things, but the 5-2’s the only one he’s found to be safe and sustainable. A few others have jumped on the bandwagon, with ‘get skinny quick’ books, etc, but Moseley’s results are the only ones I know to have been properly verified.

    • Rob says:

      Well, the wife and I are tracking things along the way, as is her sister — so after we’ve done it for a while, I’ll hopefully have some numbers to play around with. But a few weeks in, she’s already been able to ditch the beta-blockers she’d been put on for blood pressure, and since then, her blood pressure has actually improved a little (as has mine). So it’s off to a decent start anyhow…

  • The Ould Git says:

    That can only be a good thing. I had a seriously bad time a few years back, shortly after my TIA, with a particular beta-blocker, when I became almost suicidal – I didn’t believe meds could do that, but by pure coincidence saw an article in the news describing exactly that side-effect (some had actually topped themselves), so I went tappy-lappy to my GP, who immediately took me off the stuff. I’ve been, for a few years now, on a couple of alternative drugs, not beta-blockers, which are controlling my condition OK at the moment, and the only side effect seems to be that I’m getting dafter …. that’s my excuse, anyhow.

    • Rob says:

      I’d certainly believe that. Tracey’s been on a couple of different things at different times, and some of them have really changed her moods — the beta blockers did too, though not as badly as some. Her mood’s perked up a lot since she ditched them though.

      And ain’t daftness just a genetic thing with us lot?

  • The Ould Git says:

    Probably. I don’t know how far back it goes, though … Granny and Granddad Jones were both a bit off the level path, which explains your Mum, but from my ancestry, I think it must be on my Mum’s side, ‘cos in retrospect my cousin was as daft as me when we were kids … and probably still is.

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