Brain Bite #11

Posted by Rob on 4th May 2015 in Brain Bites |

It’s been a while! But let me begin with a bit of music…

John Williams: Asturias
I remember John Williams being played in the house as a kid, along with a few other bits and pieces that stick in the memory, but I’ve only quite recently gotten into listening to his stuff myself. And what strikes me most about him is how his technical ability, which is clearly immense, translates into really, powerfully emotive music rather than just technical showing off — which really isn’t always the case in rock and metal. I didn’t remember many of his pieces, but this one — along with a few others — has fallen into regular rotation in my listening queue.

But what next?

Email Titles
Not normally an issue, this one — but I recently submitted a story to a market, and it went missing because I’d titled it incorrectly (I got the submission info from a blog-post which didn’t include the note about how to structure the title — I found out later when I was reading guidelines elsewhere). After a quick exchange, the story was pulled out of the trash-pile, and added back to the queue — but it had first spent three and a half months languishing and going nowhere. It definitely pays to get these right — and to always double-check the submission guidelines on the main site!

Rodents in the Vents
So our dryer packed up and threw a “vent blocked” error. I went outside, expecting to find lint blockages and have a real pain of a time trying to disconnect the hose. Instead, I found an old, abandoned rodent’s nest in the outer vent exhaust. Some poking around with a claw-grabby thing and a hooked fireplace poker followed, and then the dryer was fine once more.

Not sure I’d be happy about kicking them out in the winter, though.

Time on my hands!
Not much, but just a little — and I’ve finally found time to write more, play around on the keyboard, and code a game that chucks a ball at nothing (it’s an exercise, and at this point, still just a work in progress). I’m trying to figure out how to just set aside a little time for everything without killing my schedule, and I’m sure I can do it — but it’ll take discipline to put down my work sometimes and concentrate on other things for just a short while. It feels very weird to need discipline to do what sometimes feels like wasting time, but I know it’s really not — so hopefully, I’ll get this figured out again. I do, every now and then, for a while — then I get caught up in work and lose it all for a while. Can’t just give up trying, though!

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  • The Ould Git says:

    I haven’t listened to much classical guitar for years – mainly ‘cos I used to listen to it mostly in the car going to and from work, in recent times. I must get round to listening again – I’ve got lots of classical stuff in MP3 and some I’ve burned onto CD.
    I used to think he was a young upstart, having cut my classical teeth on Andres Segovia and Julian Bream, but once he did that collaboration with Bream (Together, and Together Again), I was converted! Then I got that tape of his rendition of Sor’s studies, and that set me off on trying to learn the basics of classical guitar by ear at first, then teaching myself music in general. Good stuff, and good to know you’re still enjoying it!
    Also glad to hear you’re making a little bit of time available for other stuff you enjoy. The spin-offs can only be beneficial, in terms of your work and general well-being – stick at it!

    • Rob says:

      I’m finding that short spells of time off are great. Also, I work better if I just start work first thing in the day — if I pick a task and start it, I can get momentum to drive through a day, and finish early. If I faff about for a little first, then I can completely ruin my entire work-day, which leaves me chasing after everything. Seems like the first half hour or so of my day really sets the tone for the rest of it…

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