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Posted by Rob on 30th April 2015 in Other Stuff |

I’m never sure if I like busy spells. On the one hand, it means I’m working, which means I’m also getting paid, which is generally speaking a very good thing. But on the other hand, it also means I have less spare time — and as I have a knack for finding ways of filling whatever spare time I have at the best of times, these spells end up leaving me feeling like I’m failing to do everything that I want to.

On the one hand, I have stories to write — one in particular. I’m trying to improve my weaknesses in my writing, while not letting go of what I already do well. I also want to learn to play the piano, which I was doing with my fancy-schmancy keyboard, but as much as I love music, it’s always the music that suffers first when I’m running low on time. And I’m trying to learn how to program videogames in Unity, plus getting Apache set up to support PHP, trying to figure out how to configure my PC to play nice with cunningly-concealed data, and so on, and so on…


The up side to this is, if I take a step back and look at it all, almost everything I’m doing is something I can enjoy (on some level, anyway). My work as a programmer can be stressful at times, but ultimately, I chose this career for a reason. And my writing is fun, and I enjoy learning more and improving. And while I may not be any good at the piano just yet, even the few notes I can play in the correct order are rewarding.

Playing all the right notes...Given certain constraints, I can technically play anything.

And while, of late, my work has been frustrating — mostly down to the need to get an entirely new development environment set up and running properly, which is rather easier said than done when you come at it from the position of knowing nothing about it — it’s also rewarding when you get past the problems and things start working. I like who I work for, and work with — and so on the whole, I know that a lot of people have it worse than I do. My frustrations are more down to the fact that, in the end, I always seem to have more things that I want to do than I can get done. It’s worse when I’m distracted (which is why I’m no longer active on Facebook), but at the best of times, I can’t get everything done.

Still, at least I’m not a crab fisherman, eh?


  • The Ould Git says:

    Ah, the joys of working for yourself! I remember having to learn assembler language pretty damn quick, and how to feed cows, and how to connect it all up to a bunch of scruffy dairy parlours via some whizzo electronics I only half-understood, whilst also wanting to play with the kids, say the occasional ‘hello’ to Sue, play guitar, paint, and keep a roof over our heads …. fun, fun, fun! …. as you say, though, it’s good when it comes together, and beats crab-fishing!

  • The Ould Git says:

    That piccie was a blast from the past – Poor old ‘Andrew Preview’ – a classic edition of the show. Thanks for that reminder!

  • Marion says:

    Thanks Rob, I always enjoyed Eric and Ernie and remember this sketch well. Smiles.

    I have every sympathy. Such as it was, my opportunities to play keyboard and guitar have vanished. I can still manage the gardening, singing in two choirs, visits to the gym, riding the bike a little photography. And that’s when retired! I don’t have a TV, though do watch a short video most nights in the winter when eating., (In the summer it’s watching the world go by through the window….only it doesn’t go by. It’s so peaceful here).

    There is work of course, but two half days and an hour at the prison make at least five hours marking a week, plus the preparation, so it doesn’t feel like part time! Like you, I chose this career and it is the most rewarding of all paid activities I have done. Sadly, the special needs tuition at the college comes to and end in three weeks time. I’m so glad I have been given the prison work to take it’s place.

    Gosh, nearly a blog in exchange for yours.

    Good to hear from you


  • Lizzie says:

    Hiya Rob,

    I hear your frustration… but on a note about music… I recently decided to start back to piano as well 🙂 I brought back some of the books from Dad’s house this time, that have my favourite pieces in, and am trying to re-learn them, including the Bach prelude that I am sure drove everyone batty at times 🙂

    Anyway, I thought I would mention that trying to find that one piece of music reminded me of the one YOU perfected before me, and I gave up trying because of how well you could play it! I have that here, printed and in the book I got from Dad, found on 8notes.com…

    Happy memories of listening to you play it 🙂

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