Brain Bite #7

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Did you know that children are a fantastic source of boogers and cheeto dust? ¬†Ahem. ¬†Anyway, with that aside, allow me to leap into New Year’s Eve with another music video. Or, at least, a video with music in it, that being the best I can do — for some reason, the guy wasn’t into making music videos.

Now, it should be noted that this is an actual recording of Mr. Joplin playing the piece, on one of those piano rolls that was discovered in a box somewhere entirely by chance, you know the deal. I set out to find a performance, and was quite delighted to find this! I have designs on learning to play the piece myself eventually — though, given that I can’t actually play the piano yet, “eventually” may be quite a distance down the line…

And so, to other matters! Or, to begin with, the same matters.

I am now the proud owner of a decent-size keyboard — not quite full, but large enough to play the majority of piano pieces, and certainly large enough to work on. I look forward to acquiring appalling technique as I go on teaching myself, and later discovering exactly why that technique is a problem when it turns out there’s something I can’t play at all. But in the meantime, I’m having a blast just learning.

I have the advantage of hindsight when it comes to teaching myself now, though — so I know how to motivate me (also helpful with my writing!) and I also have a good idea of where I will typically fall down in the process, and how to bridge that gap. I have more method to what I’m doing, and as a result, I’m optimistic that adult me will be better at this than teenage me was.

We have a couple of them visiting for the season, and it’ll be the first time in the last ten years or so that we’ve celebrated the changing of the year with guests, rather than just by ourselves. It’s nice, if a little tiring compared to the more lazy seasons we’ve had in the past. At some point I’ll have to pause to catch my breath, but in the meantime, it’s a lot of fun!

Pocket Watches
I got one for my brother this year, and my wife got one for me, and so suddenly, we two are the proud owners of skeleton dial half hunter pocket watches. It’s been a good while since I’ve checked the time this often! All I need now is some kind of clothing that’s as nice looking as the watch…

And Books!
As always, I got several different books this year — one comic book (Button Man), one Book of All Knowledge (the Pocket Ref by Thomas J. Glover, a wonderful little reference) and a set of three from my Secret Santa — two novels, and one writing book in the shape of Jeff Vandermeer’s Wonderbook. This last thing is a thing of beauty, and I’m much looking forward to reading it! (This could technically go in writing, I suppose, but I’m just writing about Good Stuff today, so in it goes.)

And last, but not least…
Snow chains! Oh, how I didn’t miss thee. Half an hour to put them on, and almost all the effort is in the very last hook on the tensioner. Argh. But they’re on now, hurrah!

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