Brain Bite #3

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Argh, what a busy week!  But I’ve survived it, and now I’m here.  And the brain-bite begins with this:

Devin Townsend’s Universal Choir: Contributor List

What an awesome thing!  The double-album Z2 arrived today, and I’m listening to it right now.  And loving it, I might add (though anyone who follows my taste in music won’t be too shocked by that).  So I’m going to include a song from the album.

Music of the Moment: March Of The Poozers, by the Devin Townsend Project
This isn’t one of the songs that uses the Universal Choir (for the curious, those are “Before We Die”, “Z2” and “Dimenxion Z”), but it’s one of my favourite songs from this album.  This album will be getting a lot of airtime with me over the next few days. The Dark Matters disc, one of the two, is the full-on sequel to the original Ziltoid The Omniscient, with all the metal of the original, and even more cheese. You’ll pick that up if you make it to the end…

2000 AD
I don’t know if this belongs here, or in writing, but I’m plugging it in here. One of the things I do want to do, at some point, is send out a comic script for a 2000 AD Future Shock. However, I’m biding my time, because I don’t want to send them junk, and I want to study comics a little more objectively, and work out what kinds of stories I think would work best for them. I’ll do it eventually, but not before I’m sure I have something I’d be happy sending to them.

Also, make a Dredd sequel, damnit…

The Change of Seasons
Seasonal changes are very different depending on where you live.  London was grey all year, and just varied in brightness.  SoCal’s South Bay was just one long stretch of Summer, varying only in the temperature, and occasional rain that destroyed the roads because nobody seemed to understand that it could rain in Southern California.  But where I live now, the seasons are closer to home — and that has the odd effect of making me homesick a little now and then.  Around now, back home, people would be preparing for bonfires, for cold, back-yard barbecues and fireworks.  I grew up with it, and I miss it a little at this time of year.

Also, I’m reminded of the bonfire pictures we made in school — painting bright, fire colours in wax crayon onto a sheet of paper, painting over the top with black paint, and scraping away to form the image of a fire and fireworks.  It’s a fond memory.

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