A couple of recommendations

Posted by Rob on 4th September 2016 in Other Stuff |

Also, before I forget, a couple of entirely biased recommendations for you! I write with a few friends in a coffee-shop on some Fridays. We started it during one NaNoWriMo year, and have just kept it up informally since, on a bit of an erratic schedule — but two of the four of us have […]


A Writing Update

Posted by Rob on 4th September 2016 in Coding, Other Stuff, Writing |

Well, folks, it’s been a while! But in the time between then and now, things have been afoot. My third short story, pending for quite some time, is inching closer to publication, and I have — as ever — a couple out there that seem to be lingering with markets (and at least one that’s […]

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Attack of the Killer Spam

Posted by Rob on 20th May 2016 in Other Stuff, Writing |

Today appears to be Spam My Blog day. So far I’ve deleted fifty-six spam comments from robots this morning (with more still being posted), which largely want me to know that they are “impsreeped”, that my posts make life “beeaablr”, or that my blog is the ONLY trustworthy source for Brain Bite #18 information. Well, […]


Brain Bite #18 – The Return of the Living Blog

Posted by Rob on 6th April 2016 in Brain Bites, Other Stuff |

Phew — well, it’s been months since my last post! I’ve been planning to post on here for a while, but everything’s been crazy, and still is — I’m just catching a moment at the end of today (and likely at the end of several days, as I probably won’t have time to finish this […]



Steampunk Cat

Posted by Rob on 22nd August 2015 in Other Stuff |

By Ruslan Svobodin. I have nothing else to post today, but I did at least want to post this, just because it’s fantastic.


Harvest time?

Posted by Rob on 21st August 2015 in Other Stuff |

We’ve had a bit of an odd spell with plants this year. Some started out dying, others thrived. And recently, we had a sudden rush to try and buy the right soil, after we found that the wrong soil had started killing some of our hibiscus (and now they’re doing well, including the one that […]


The Weather!

Posted by Rob on 20th July 2015 in Other Stuff |

Thunderstorms in the mountains are another animal. I’ve never lived in a place before where they’re so loud, or so likely to interfere with your day. Over the weekend, we got hit by the offspring of a hurricane — we’re far too sheltered to get the actual hurricane itself, but its loud little children were […]


A Mountain Burning

Posted by Rob on 21st June 2015 in Other Stuff |

To be entirely honest, even though I live up here, I still have a hard time getting my head around just how large and just how dangerous some of these forest fires can be. The fire up here, still safely distant from us, has now reached sixteen thousand acres in size — it’s a number […]


Busy, busy, busy…

Posted by Rob on 30th April 2015 in Other Stuff |

I’m never sure if I like busy spells. On the one hand, it means I’m working, which means I’m also getting paid, which is generally speaking a very good thing. But on the other hand, it also means I have less spare time — and as I have a knack for finding ways of filling […]


Bot Friends

Posted by Rob on 29th December 2014 in Other Stuff |

So, my wife was texting back and forth with her eldest daughter the other night, discussing her boyfriend, and the phone helpfully corrected it to “bot friend”, earning from her the exclamation “What the hell is a bot friend?”. Now, ignoring entirely for a moment the British implication of this (where “bot” is one of […]

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