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A Fictionish Spell

Posted by Rob on 9th September 2015 in Writing |

It’s been a bit of a nice spell for me. I sold my third story to a little market called The Colored Lens, a free online speculative fiction magazine, where a friend of mine previously had his story “Cuts” appear. It should be there in the autumn. Also, I got word back that my previous story Crescent Cross will be getting picked up for the upcoming Acidic Fiction anthology, in both e-book and paperback format, so a story of mine will actually be available in a printed medium for the first time. And on top of all that, I got word back that my first sold story The Bone Merchant is creeping ever closer to that elusive actual date of publication. It’s all good stuff.

Mixed in with this, you get the usual blend of rejections and stories-that-are-lingering, the latter of which is a maddening exercise in “Is it being considered, or has their rejection gone missing?” History suggests it’s probably about a 75% chance that it just went missing, or that’s where the chips have landed in the past. But I can’t stop myself from hoping, all the same, even though I’m probably daft to.

Hope springs eternal.

But against this, there’s also a downer — my friend (he of the aforementioned Cuts) had sold a story to a nice little anthology, which would probably have been his highest profile sale to date. But for some reason, after starting out with that anthology as one of their first announced titles, they’ve proceeded to release a bunch of other stuff and then, eventually, just scrap the anthology. A lot of people, my friend included in their number, are quite upset about it. The only silver lining here is that they’ll apparently still be paid for their stories, and that is a nice action on the part of the publisher, as they’re not required to do that — but all the same, it robs him of a decent publishing credit.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing does happen — an acceptance doesn’t necessarily equal a publication, or a sale for that matter, and not every publisher is actually any good at getting their publications to market. And while I’ve yet to have this happen to me, I imagine it will, eventually — so that’s something to look forward to…


Steampunk Cat

Posted by Rob on 22nd August 2015 in Other Stuff |

By Ruslan Svobodin. I have nothing else to post today, but I did at least want to post this, just because it’s fantastic.


Harvest time?

Posted by Rob on 21st August 2015 in Other Stuff |

We’ve had a bit of an odd spell with plants this year. Some started out dying, others thrived. And recently, we had a sudden rush to try and buy the right soil, after we found that the wrong soil had started killing some of our hibiscus (and now they’re doing well, including the one that […]


Brain Bite #15

Posted by Rob on 6th August 2015 in Brain Bites |

A lot of things going on at once means I’ve been struggling to write much of anything over the last few weeks, blog posts or otherwise. However, I’m taking a break at the end of my day to throw out some things, mixing everything together into a happy little Brain Bite. And naturally, to start […]

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The Weather!

Posted by Rob on 20th July 2015 in Other Stuff |

Thunderstorms in the mountains are another animal. I’ve never lived in a place before where they’re so loud, or so likely to interfere with your day. Over the weekend, we got hit by the offspring of a hurricane — we’re far too sheltered to get the actual hurricane itself, but its loud little children were […]


Brain Bite #14

Posted by Rob on 30th June 2015 in Brain Bites |

Let’s get to it, then, with something a little more unusual for the music… Smooth McGroove – The Man With The Machine Gun Smooth McGroove has been a YouTube hit, recording entirely a-capella versions of videogame music. This one’s from a game I like called Final Fantasy 8, and is battle music that happens during […]

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A Mountain Burning

Posted by Rob on 21st June 2015 in Other Stuff |

To be entirely honest, even though I live up here, I still have a hard time getting my head around just how large and just how dangerous some of these forest fires can be. The fire up here, still safely distant from us, has now reached sixteen thousand acres in size — it’s a number […]


Brain Bite #13

Posted by Rob on 19th June 2015 in Brain Bites |

So, what say ye to some music? Halo, by Depeche Mode I really like Depeche Mode, and while their more recent albums haven’t quite done it for me (aside from a song or two here and there), I’m still very fond of their earlier work, and this is probably my favourite song of the bunch. […]

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Almost time to change those gears…

Posted by Rob on 12th June 2015 in Writing |

So, at last, I have that Writers of the Future story polished and sent out for this quarter (hurrah!), which leaves me with a fair few stories still sitting around incomplete or in need of some spit and polish, but only two that I’m really keen to finish and send out in the near future. […]


Brain Bite #12

Posted by Rob on 7th June 2015 in Brain Bites |

As is always done, let it begin with some music! Flying High, by Samael Samael in full swing are a heavy metal band from Switzerland, one that experiments with adding a lot of more unusual and varied elements into their music — and some of their broader experimentation was showcased when the band’s founding members […]

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